Chicken with prunes sauce

Chicken with prunes sauce by

Serves 5


1 free-range chicken, about 1.5 kg/3lb 5 oz

10  prunes

2 leeks

1 celery

400 ml (1/4 pt)  dry white wine

200 ml /7fl oz single cream

400 ml (1/4pt) chicken stock

50 g / 2 oz butter or margarine

2 tbsp olive oil

salt & pepper

  1. Season  the chicken with salt and pepper.
  2. Heat the olive oil in a large casserole, and fry on  the chicken all sides until well browned.
  3. Remove them and reserve.
  4. Trim the leeks, (This part can be used for flavouring stocks and casseroles.) Slit the leeks down the centre from the top to tail, then wash under plenty of cold running water to remove any dirty or grit. Drain well then slice into 1 in2.5 cm rings.
  5. Chopped the celery.
  6. Heat the butter or margarine in the same casserole and gently fry the leeks and celery for 10 minutes.
  7. Add the chicken to the pan, chicken stock and wine , cook for about 1 hour, until the chicken is tender.
  8. 15 minutes before it is ready, add the prunes and cream to the pan.
  9. Remove the chicken and the prunes, and mix in a liquidizer  all the sauce. Return it  to the pan and mix 4 tsp of corn flour to cold water, stir in the sauce and cook until thick.
  10. Serve in an individual plates a piece of chicken with the sauce and prunes  with boiled rice or oil and garlic spaghetti.

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