Internet night mare connection! oh no …..again……

I live in a house between the sea and the mountains where there isn’t enough internet coverage. My dear husband Mr. J fixed the problem by getting a 5 metres USB cable, quite clever,  so our computers are connected through this cable by USB modem on the roof top of the house and then we can be connected by 3G .

What you can see in these pictures bellow is my mobile phone on the roof that I was using my bluetooth, yesterday at 6:30 am, to use the internet in  my computer inside of the house, I couldn’t  sorted the Hotspot sharing.

After few attempts, up and down the stairs I was able to get access to  the  internet again, but with slowly speed, so I have more than one thousand emails to read and I don’t have land line telephone in the house I just use my mobile and Skype to communicate, that is why I haven’t been blogging for so long.

Anyway my night mare internet connection started on Tuesday 06/04.

6:30 in the morning, phone in the rooftop

I have been a long time user of the Vodafone service in Spain, unlimited coverage via USB modem and my problems just started last week when I switched my computer earlier morning and then it couldn’t happen, I couldn’t access to the internet at all, as I have the same problem about one year ago I knew I would have to be patient, my headaches  just began.

Calling the Vodafone staff become a joking, I was talking with about five staffs a day, wasting my time and no solutions, I’ve been told that I’ve reached my limited coverage, untrue because I have it unlimited, I also have spent hours talking with the technical support, the problem could be the USB modem, it was just stress and wasted time.

It’s getting to the point where I was going to cancel my contract, then yesterday talking with another staff I’ve been told that I would be able to use the  internet in the same day, okay good but what about all the stress I’ve been through about the mistake of them? More calls and now I’ll  have my bill cut in the half per 6 months, even then I still have headache.

Hope no one have experiment the same unpleasant problem. The good thing is that I’m back to the blogosphere, new post soon!!!!! 🙂

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