LAS FALLAS festival in Valencia

The Fallas fiesta in Valencia city – Spain, celebrates each year the last days of winter and to the arrival of springtime by burning all the old to make way for the new.  The fallas  officially begins on the 1st of March with a spectacular firework exhibition in the main square and finishes on the 19th of March.

The Fallas will start to be gradually mounted in different streets and squares throughout the city after first week of March so people can admire them. Every Falla will have a huge stand where you can eat and drink and mix with the local people and see the beautiful “Falleras” and “Falleros” (women and men dressed in their traditional costumes).

The basis of the “fiesta” are the “Fallas”, name given to each one of the gigantic monuments, criticise almost everything and anyone, these monuments are mostly mischievous and satirical caricatures usually of local personalities.

On the last day of festival (19th March) they are all burnt to the ground, ” la cremá”. Throughout these 5 days are ongoing parades, marching bands, traditional costumes, concerts, beauty pageants, bull fights, free street parties and of course, daily fireworks.

Fallas in Valencia is as amazing and unforgettable experience, it is worth to see………

Ciudad de las ciencias y de las artes,"City of Art and science", the beginning of Fallas tour

La Estación del Norte " Train Station"-katyarichkitchen

Ayuntamiento"city council building" by katyarichkitchen

Falleras - katyarichkitchen

Falleras -katyarichkitchen

Beauty Falleras - katyarichkitchen

Fallas calle Cuba - katyarichkitchen

Fallas - katyarichkitchen

local snaks

local snaks

The famous "Calle Sueca" - katyarichkitchen

"La cremá"last day of Fallas

23 thoughts on “LAS FALLAS festival in Valencia

  1. I went to Fallas once baout 12 years ago to visit a friend who was teaching in Valencia. A colleague of hers was La Fallera Mayor in her barrio and we were taken in to the celebrations like royalty. What an amazing experience it was!

  2. Looks great, love to see it but a bit early in the year for us, not warm enough, but we did come once and saw another festival in Valencia which one was that? Love Jill

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